Shooting Star

Christian Latina Leadership Institute

By Alicia Zorzoli

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I’m an early riser. And I love it. I have to confess that I was not originally like this. I used to love to sleep late. But you can guess after 53 years of being married to “The Original” something about him would stick on you. So, I am not the original about this, just a Xerox copy. 

This early rising has brought me many pleasures, not only in the area of having more time during the day.

Lately I have taken the habit of starting my day going out to the back yard and watching the stars in the dark sky. Just a couple of minutes, before my quiet time with the Creator. I am in awe at the magnificence of God’s masterpiece. I fill my eyes with God’s splendor and greatness. I feel like the famous picture in The Little Prince by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry. It sets me in the right picture frame for my time with God as I see my real self just as I am in comparison to his masterpiece. 

And this morning I saw a shooting star! I was amazed. Just a nanosecond and it was gone! 

Watching the stars in a dark night sky made me think of some similarities human beings share with them.

1. They are all different. Some of them look larger than others. Some of them shine brighter than others. Some of them look very tiny. Some of them seem feeble. Some of them seem to be in clusters while others appear to be by themselves.

We are all different, and that is the beauty of it. Some of us may look larger and shinier. And some of us may seem feeble and small. Some of us are more gregarious than others who prefer being by themselves.

2. They don’t change. They are always the same and each of them has their own place. That is why we can see the constellations. And, most importantly, that’s why they can be a guide for travelers without the human gadgets for orientation. The Bible says that God placed them in the expanse of the heavens (Genesis 1:17.)

As the stars, we all have our own place in the world. It’s a place God designed for us since the beginning of the world. And He has placed us there to shine and be a guide for the people around us.

3. They have light of their own. As it is with the sun, being also a star, all of them shine with their own light. They don’t need anything else to shine.

We don’t take our light from other people. Our light was given to us from the Source of the light. Jesus said that we are the light of the world. This light of ours may be strong as to lighten a whole area or it may be feeble and small as “this little light of mine.” But it is ours.

4. Some are just shooting stars. They come and go at the wink of an eye. It’s something interesting and attractive and people like to look for them. But you see them and they are gone.

There are people like those kind of stars. They are interesting, attractive, and people like to see them. But they shine for only a moment and then disappear and, as the Psalmist says, its place remembers it no more (Psalm 103:16). 

There is a place devoted to help women leaders to use those characteristics to make an impact in the world in God’s name. I am thankful for the ministry of Christian Latina Leadership Institute. It has impacted me in many ways and also provided me with the opportunity of doing the same for others. Focusing on Christian Latina leaders, this organization strives to:  

  • Reinforce their unique God-given value, helping each other to build upon their differences to be all God wanted them to be.
  • Realize each have their own place and that is where God has placed them in order to be a guide to many people who look to them for orientation and help. 
  • They all have a light of their own. They don’t need to look to others to get their light from them. As leaders, their influence shines with their own light when using their God-given gifts and influence.
  • They have deep roots preventing them to be like shooting stars. They stand firm in their Christian beliefs and, through this ministry, are being provided with the tools to make a strong impact in their world. 

IF you want to know more about the CLLI ministry, please contact  

Alicia Zorzoli is a Bible teacher and international lecturer, she has published numerous articles in Christian magazines and books. For more than ten years she has been a part of the CLLI faculty.

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